TBTM #41: “Turning Pro and Staying Pro”

The secret to having a professional career in sportswear as a (model, designer and/or photogtapher) just as in other segments of the fashion industry is working with professionals from the actual professional scene.

1) Because you learn to be a proper pro.

2) Because you can trust the other guy to do a proper job.

3) Because you are expected to do a proper job and perform at the expected standards.

Note however that there is no proper professional scene for Sportswear in Singapore (just as in most other parts of the world outside the fashion capitals) so you have to travel mostly to Europe, the Americas and Japan for work. Sure it is not the most convenient situation, but the benefits are exponentially more rewarding because of this.

1) You get paid to travel and use the new product lines before anyone else knows about them.

2) You will be in a professional working environment when you’re on the job overseas or on location.

3) You enjoy anonymity and privacy when you get home because the man on the street is disconnected from the scene your work exists in.