TBTM #43: “So You Wanna Be A Model?”

This video (link below) is a legit Q&A with agents from LA Models about how you really get into the industry as a model from open casting. Great job Allie! Exactly what kids need to know about getting started in modelling.

Do You Want To Be A Model?! – Allie Marie Evans

Follow the steps and advice in the video and you’ll be fine if you’ve got the talents.

Do note that legit agents know what they’re doing and will assess you on how you look in person, so don’t worry if you only have shitty photos because your friends are shitty photographers or are selfish people that give absolutely zero flarks about getting good shots of other people.

And importantly remember that legit agents do not charge you a cent for your portfolio if they select you, they will up front the costs of your development because they believe in you. Life Rule: “Don’t believe any compliments from anyone that wants you to give them money.”

For my dear mentees that really want to get in to the fashion industry, you already know I said it’s not going to be easy. The game is not in Singapore, so you really need to start with an international agency or label if you want a proper career. It’s easy now with the internet you can contact almost any agency directly.

You’ll get better opportunities and money being a small fish in the ocean, than being any sized fish in a puddle.

It’s ok if no one at home knows your work, in fact that is the dream, home is where you go for peace and quiet anonymity. You will appreciate this anonymity once you’ve got a career going.

Like I said I got lucky, my earlywork for LA Gear in my teens was a big reason I got signed when I started racing. I was the ready product then, mostly because I took the initiative to learn on the job early on, everything I know about portrait and scene photography (except for technical handling of specific camera models) was learned on the job from asking the photogs and production crew what they did and why they did it. Pros in the industry at that level are friendly people and willingly share their knowledge with you because if you know what needs to be done it also helps them get the results they want.

Just like in any career you have to pay your dues. And also be real about whether you are really gonna make it  and how long it’ll take you to get there. Between my first stage gig with LA Gear at fifteen and my first major exclusive label contract when I was racing, it was eight years of work in seasonal campaigns and shows, balancing school, sports and everything else at the same time.

It is not easy but it’s possible, if you have the required talents, and consistently work hard and smart enough for long enough.