TBTM #45: “Soldier Boy’s Reality #10 – 3 Principles of Visibility”

3 things I take with me everyday, that apply in field work and in civilian life back home.

These three ‘Principles of Visibility’ have kept me alive in every possible situation I have experienced since I started doing field work.

1) It’s a two way street. – If you have the asset(s) down range from you, always remember that you are also down range from them.

2) The bush line is only a guide not a rule. Sometimes the skyline is the better option. – A low profile is ideal but staying below the bushline where the bush cuts the horizon is not always possible to maintain nor always practical for achieving the objective. You need to adapt to the situation and keep a realistic view of the objective. Sometimes that means relocation to achieve a different vantage point to complete the objective. This might mean changing elevation, if you cannot achieve the functional vantage from your current station, you might need to move to a higher ground to complete the objective with a top-down vantage.

3) Eyes on you, got your back. – Though it’s important to manage your visibility on the ground, it’s just as important for your command to know where you are at all times. And as much as possible your position should be accessible by your support and you should be aware of all possible points of extract.