Crooner Songwriter: “Life As A Song”

It’s been a while since I last wrote a jazz no., so just to get back in the groove here’s something I wrote this morning, it took me about 20 minutes to type it off the cuff on my iPhone.

I’m quite pleased with it actually. It sings pretty well, 3.5-4 minutes with the bridge and runs.

I’m just disappointed I only managed to kill 20 minutes of my workday writing it.


Life As A Song
By Eman Lim, 15 December 2011

Do we know
The words
To this song?
Heck no.
We’re making them up
As we go along.

I don’t know
What tomorrow
Will bring,
But you can bet
It’ll make my heart sing.

Will they be sad
Or will they be glad?
The words
I dunno them yet.

Will it feel good,
Will there be mood?
The notes
We’ll know
When they come.

The beat
Oh the beat,
We’ll play it by ear.
Baby, we’ll
Use our own drums.

As a song,
It can be lovely,
Or it can be lonely.
It can be fun,
Yea, that can be done,
Or it can be humdrum.

Are you in
Am I in
Do we
Have adventures?
Do we
Do chores?

The melodies,
Oh the melodies.
Will there be duets,
Or solos meant for one?

Well babe I don’t know
The words to this song.
Life is a mystery,
Oh yes,
Life is a mystery.

We’ll play it by ear,
We’ll make the words up,
We’ll see what comes up,
We’ll see what goes down.
The beats they may change,
Even with the same drums.

But the melodies,
Oh the melodies,
Sweet sweet melodies,
Duets we hope they become.

We’ve said hello,
Now it’s goodbye,
But soon it’ll be hello again,
A chorus played so many times.

But each time it’s different,
Life makes it different,
Cos we grow different
From each experience,
We’ve had before,
Like where the ocean
Touches shore.

We may not know the words,
But we sure as heck,
We know the score.
For the end at least,
What we want is happiness.
I don’t know the words,
But one thing I know,
And I know it by heart,
Is that I’m happy when I’m with,
That I’m happy
When I’m with
That I’m happy
When I’m with